Premium Soft Plush Travel Blanket Pillow for Airplane Traveling Price: $28.45 (as of 05/09/2023 13:33 PST- Details)

Soft plush travel blanket/pillow: This luxurious ivory-white patented travel blanket is lightweight and easily portable. Made from super soft plush fabric. This makes it your go-to choice and an ideal travel essential for any traveler. This airplane travel blanket will keep you warm and snuggly in all seasons, yet it’s light enough to carry around. Travelers can sleep soundly with it on airplanes!
Hand Luggage Belt and Carabiner for Portability: This innovative air travel blanket comes with a backpack clip that can be clipped to your backpack, handbag or any other hand luggage. Also, it comes with a hand luggage strap in the pillowcase that can be easily attached to your suitcases as well as other luggage items. These built-in travel accessories make carrying this portable blanket easier.
Blanket in a Bag/Soft Travel Pillowcase: This super-soft 2 in 1 travel blanket comes in a matching travel zipper pouch, which can easily be folded and packed into the travel pillowcase. When packed, it can act as a travel pillow, and when unzipped, it can be used as a travel blanket. No matter how long your flight is, this airline blanket will keep you warm with a travel-sized blanket measuring 60 x 43 inches.